My Story


Hi, I’m Jacqui. I am 29 years old.

I am The OAM.

My home is wherever I am standing for as long as the big top tells me to stand there. After wrapping up the North American tour, we are now living in Japan for the next 18 months. The next destination for the show will be another new adventure full of cities to call home.

This blog is a place for me to tell my story and share the tools that have helped me find freedom from alcohol, prescribed drugs, eating disorders, and cigarettes, but more than anything, The OAM is a guide to inner peace and self love. This is a self-healing journey. I was sober for nearly 2 years in AA when I was in my early twenties. I tried multiple times to get sober again putting together a few months here and there, but I finally got sober for the last time on April 3, 2017. Something shifted.. I started to see in me something that I did not before. My husband is my greatest support along with some other beautiful angels on and off this tour. I am a proud member of the teetotaler community. My sober life while touring the world comes together in this place. Writing as The OAM is a safe and secure place for my wild soul, and I hope this can be a meeting place. My truth is your truth. My heart is your heart. Maybe this is place of security and growth for you too❤️.img_3402